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Generate react component fixtures automatically
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🌵 Fixer 🌵

Fixer is a tool for automatically generating React component fixtures for all components on a page, using the props they use. Fixer runs your app in an electron browser window and allows you to generate fixtures for every component in your application.


In order for fixer to read the source file of components and automatically write test files, first ensure you're using the babel-plugin-transform-react-jsx-source babel plugin.

$ npm i --save-dev fixer babel-plugin-transform-react-jsx-source

.babelrc (example)

    "presets": ["stage-2", "react", "es2015"],
    "env": {
        "development": {
            "plugins": [ "transform-react-jsx-source" ]
Note: Fixer currently only works with React versions >15.0

Ensure that your app is running (in this example our app is running at http://localhost:3000), and run fixer. The address supplied to fixer is the address that will be opened in the electron browser window.

$ fixer http://localhost:3000

Fixer takes a few arguments, which are used to configure the way it finds components and generates tests:

argument description
--root The root selector for the element your React app renders to
--page The name of the page, used for generating the namespaces for fixtures


In order to work with and develop fixer, it's useful to symlink to the local fixer repo from your target React app repo. That way you can build the code in watch mode locally and iterate on fixer's functionality

fixer repo

$ npm run watch

target app repo

$ npm link ../path/to/fixer && fixer http://localhost:3000 --root=#app --page index



Initial release

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