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flxble - Fast Lightweight eXtensible BLog Engine

[WIP] flxble is a static site generator best suited for blogging, just like Jelyll or Hugo.

  • flxble is fast .. It can process 1,000 markdown articles with less than 2 seconds.

  • flxble is lightweight .. A standalone binary is available for Windows, Linux, and OS X, and takes just about 80MB.

  • Not really extensible at the moment, but adding your own custom syntax to Markdown will be supported soon.

Getting Started

If you have .NET Core SDK installed, you can easily install flxble by dotnet tool install -g flxble.

Alternatvely, you can just download a standalone binary from Releases. It contains the executable flxble[.exe] along with all the dependencies, so you can put the unpacked directory anywhere you want.

How to use

First of all, execute flxble init-blog and an empty blog will be created in the current directory.

flxble new-page src/blog/<any_name>.md to create a new page.

flxble render-blog to turn your articles into a blog.

Config file - flxble.toml

# Required
base_url = ''
title = "my blog"
theme = "casper" # to disable theming, specify "none".

# Optional, will be empty by default
subtitle = ""
description = '''
enter some description here
copyright = "Copyright 2018 <your_name>"

# Optional, will be this value by default
lang    = "en-us"
source  = "src"     # directory to find source files
output  = "output"  # directory to output processed files
content = "content" # files in this directory will be copied directly to ./${output}/
themes  = "themes"  # directory to find themes

# Optional, disabled by default
tag     = "tag"     # tag archives will be generated to
                    # ./${output}/${tag}/${tag-name}.html
archive = "archive" # monthly archives will be generated to
                    # ./${output}/${archive}/${yyyy}-${mm}.html
# cache   = ".cache"  # directory to store caches for skipping unchanged documents
                      # (not implemented yet)

## Markdown config (optional) 
markdown = "common"   # set this "advanced" to enable popular extensions
# markdown_extra_rules = "extra_rules"
                      # put your custom rule definitions here (not implemented yet)


flxble supports decent theming. See the minimal template for example.


Under construction at GitHub Wiki. I need your help!!


Apache 2.0.