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Opensource QML browser

Explore a slice of the web that no other web browser supports.

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Canonic is an experimental QML web browser developed in the Qt framework and licensed under GPL3.

A live WebAssembly version of the browser is available to try at

Worlds first browser within a browser

A live WebAssembly version of the browser is available to try at


Canonic maintains two QQuickRenderControl instances that each manage their own QQmlEngine instances and contexts. Both instances render to hidden virtual windows that are then composited together using GLSL. Using this structure Canonic is able to split the main browser UI from the QML content loaded from the web to a degree.

That said there is still a lot of work required to make Canonic fully secure when running natively. Canonic is currently missing most of the sandboxing features offered by modern web browsers (CORS, separate processes, file system protection, permissions, etc) as well as additional logic to handle QMLs access to C++ land. This is part of the reason why Canonic is currently only available via WebAssembly as WASM provides a safe sandbox in which QML browser technology can be explored.


Join the Discord server if your interested in contributing or just finding out more.