A tool for cleaning and refining your snaps
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A tool for cleaning and refining your snaps

Snaplint is an attempt to encode best-practices for snapping software. To that end, snaplint will scan a prime directory generated by snapcraft and offer suggestions on how to improve your snap.

These are the currently supported rules:

  • copyright: check that copyright data is included for:
    • parts (under usr/share/<part name>/copyright)
    • staged packages
  • developer-cruft: make sure that header files, object files, and static libraries are not included
  • libraries: list those shared libraries in the snap which are not actually used by any apps

Get started

You can run snaplint from a git checkout like so:

    $ ./bin/snaplint <path/to/project>

It's also available as a snap.

    $ snap install snaplint
    $ snaplint <path/to/project>

Writing your own rules

Adding rules to snaplint is simple. Drop a file in snaplint/rules/ which contains a python class that inherits from Rule. self.path will contain the path to your prime directory, and you can use convenience methods self.get_dir_list and get_file_list to get lists of files or directories in the snap.