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@Caleb-Ellis Caleb-Ellis released this May 17, 2018 · 559 commits to master since this release

Getting Vanilla Framework

Install with NPM:
Visit the documentation at


  • .p-button--neutral is now 10% darker so it can be used in conjunction with p-strip--light
  • Reduced .p-pull-quote size to be h4 instead of h3
  • Updated the vf-highlight-bar function to be able to choose color, position, and whether it will sit above borders. It is used in Navigation (active state), Tabs (hover + active state) and Notification.
  • Added $color-navigation-active-bar and $color-tabs-active-bar to color settings
  • Namespaced utility placeholders
    • %clearfix is now %vf-clearfix
    • %u-hide-text is now %vf-hide-text


  • Fixed Contextual menu examples to close when clicked outside
  • Fixed Table expanding button text to switch from "Show" and "Hide"

Bug fixes

  • Fixed component interdependencies so that each component is encapsulated (except from base, which is required). This means that the following can now be included without relying on any other non-base components:
    • vf-p-switch
    • vf-p-icons
    • vf-p-lists
    • vf-p-inline-images
    • vf-p-card
    • vf-p-modal
    • vf-p-contextual-menu
    • vf-p-navigation
    • vf-p-tabs
    • vf-p-notification
  • <select>s have been given padding right, so the chevron no longer overlaps text
  • Fixed <button> spacing when placed inside <p> tags
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