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@deadlight deadlight released this Jul 9, 2019

Getting Vanilla Framework

Install with NPM:
Visit the documentation at



  • Added a new variable, $table-layout-fixed which allows global toggling of fixed-width table layout rules



  • Renamed "tables" documentation page and re-added it to the sidebar nav
  • Updated icon examples
  • Reformatted typographic scale docs
  • Fixed the width of example elements in u-float examples to better demonstrate functionality
  • Correct encoding for backticked code in html in navigation docs
  • Remove item from navigation example to better fit it in the docs viewport
  • Reformatted typographic scale docs


  • Restructured the docs sidebar navigation
  • Update the documentation's Vanilla Framework dependency to 2.0.1
  • Made some markdown and markup changes to documentation to take advantage of 2.0.1 features

Bug fixes

  • Refactored lists sass so that placeholders are in global scope, avoiding errors when not using all components

Code maintenance

  • Removed all remaining unused Gulp scripts
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