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@deadlight deadlight released this Aug 1, 2019 · 67 commits to master since this release

Getting Vanilla Framework

Install with NPM:
Visit the documentation at



  • Added the variables $color-social-icon-background and $color-social-icon-foreground to allow custom social icon colours


  • Added the new status label component



  • Updated documentation correcting number of checkbox types
  • Corrected the code example in the animation docs


  • Fixed invalid markup in table-expanding example
  • Fixed typo in nested columns title


  • Fixed the broken sidebar search in the docs

Bug fixes

  • Fixed over specific selector for rows nested inside columns
  • Reordered column CSS generation order
  • Reduced the spacing between columns to be closer to previous releases of the framework (2rem rather than 2.5rem)

Code maintenance

  • Removed the unused $grid-gutter-column-ratio variable
  • Removed the 1600px viewport from the Percy configuration
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