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@deadlight deadlight released this Sep 17, 2019 · 131 commits to master since this release

Getting Vanilla Framework

Install with NPM:
Visit the documentation at



  • Made space under buttons match space under inputs
  • Removed the negative margins from headings following paragraphs
  • Made shallow strips match $spv-outer--scaleable
  • Added a new wrapper element inside p-navigation: p-navigation__row
  • Added base styling for detail elements
  • Stopped inputs in tables being dense by default and instead added an optional .is-dense class
  • Added classes which allow the alignment of checkboxes and radio buttons with header elements
  • Make radio buttons and checkboxes visible but unstyled when they are inside labels
  • Added a --right modifier for subnav items



  • Restyled the documentation sidebar navigation
  • Standardise heading, footer and separator formats
  • Changed the docs homepage layout
  • Fixed broken link
  • Added a styled heading to the examples page
  • Added notifications to the documentation of patterns which require Javascript
  • Changed the format of the icons docs and added information about .is-light variants
  • Increased the height of the modal iframe
  • Added documentation for detail element base styling
  • Documented headings with checkboxes
  • Documented the unmodified u-hide for all viewport sizes


  • Removed superfluous <p> tags from the button examples
  • Added a baseline grid background


  • Removed old link from package.json
  • Upped the example-js dependency to v1.2.0


Bug fixes

  • Made the focus state of tick boxes and radio buttons wrap just the element, not the label
  • Fixed spacing for multiple patterns
  • Removed the old chevron
  • Removed the last margin for pagination button lists and updated their padding/margin to match buttons
  • Updated buttons with icons to support all types of button
  • Corrected the spacing of the subnav chevron
  • Fixed list item margins
  • Removed type=['submit'] selector, which was too specific
  • Removed block elements from inline lists
  • Fixed button alignment on small screens

Code maintenance

  • Replaced custom calculations with existing variables
  • Add mixin wrappers to control CSS generation order
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