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  • v2.5.0
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  • v2.5.0
  • 9231104
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@bartaz bartaz released this Dec 5, 2019 · 117 commits to master since this release

Getting Vanilla Framework

Install with NPM:
Visit the documentation at



  • Added new contextual menu variant with indicator #2611
  • Updated social icon library to new icon style #2641
    • Added new social icons for RSS #2639 and email #2671
    • Deprecated Ubuntu and Canonical social icons #2683
  • Added u-no-max-width utility #2616
  • Added u-visualise-font-metrics utility #2619
  • Added u-table-cell-padding-overlap utility to overlap table cell padding #2636
  • Added u-truncate utility to truncate text with ellipsis #2654

Breaking change

The changes around max-width may potentially result in breaking some layouts.
Previously max-width on heading elements was set to 30rem by default, in 2.5.0 this was updated to 40rem.



  • added status labels on component pages
  • removed unnecessary HTML from blockquote examples
  • update links and references for color-theming
  • added callout about icons accessibility
  • updated off-screen pattern example
  • updated page titles to be more consistent
  • added import snippets to components and utilities documentation
  • clarified animation mixin usage example
  • added usage to code-copyable pattern
  • added documentation entry on max-width
  • renamed vertical divider to responsive divider
  • documented font-size bump, clarified type scale, fixed breakpoint typo
  • removed coding standards page from docs navigation
  • removed details element documentation page
  • fixed table sorting pattern JavaScript functionality example on Chrome


  • Bumped the version of vanilla used by the docs to v2.4.1


  • updated 'Who's using Vanilla' examples and logos
  • added blog feeds section

Bug fixes

  • Fixed icons positioning in the buttons #2619
  • Prevent children with defined margins from stretching in table expanding panel #2621
  • Fixed wrapping of external link icons #2638
  • Replaced old chevron with new icon in sortable table #2640
  • Fixed notification icon position #2643
  • Fixed focus state and sizing of contextual menu items #2650
  • Increased input margin bottom to fix form submit spacing #2651
  • Prevented text from overlapping validation icons #2652
  • Prevented table header border from disappearing when table is empty #2666
  • Fixed indent of stepped list content #2682
  • Fixed middot position as it was in 2.3.0 #2687
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