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Kubernetes configs for canonical websites

This repository contains the configuration files the Kubernetes deployments for some of our websites.


We deploy our services into one of two namespaces:

  • staging: Services for our staging servers (there's usually one per production website)
  • production: Services for our production servers


Both the service and deployment config for a specific service are stored together in a single file at:


E.g. the service and deployment settings for are in services/

This config is then used to configure services in both the staging and production namespace.


The ingress resources are split into two folders, ingresses/staging and ingresses/production. These folders correspond to the namespaces in which those ingress resources will be applied, and there is one file per domain.


Using create-project

When creating a new project you can either copy an existing projects service and ingress files. Then replace the config strings with the new project configs.

Or, use ./create-project. To auto generate the files for a new project. Run ./create-project and the tool will create the config files for you.

For example: ./create-project

Will create:

To deploy a new service

E.g. to deploy the service to staging from scratch:

# E.g. To deploy the services to staging
export TAG_TO_DEPLOY=a264efb326485
envsubst < services/ | kubectl apply --namespace staging --filename -

To update an existing service

Or to update an existing service without changing the deployed image:

# E.g. for
export TAG_TO_DEPLOY=$(kubectl get deployment snapcraft-io -o jsonpath="{.spec.template.spec.containers[*].image}" | grep -P -o '(?<=:)[^:]*$')
envsubst < services/ | kubectl apply --namespace staging --filename -