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# Copyright (C) 2020 Canonical Ltd.
# Author: Daniel Watkins <>
# This file is part of cloud-init. See LICENSE file for license information.
"""Tests for cloudinit/distros/"""
from unittest import mock
import pytest
from cloudinit.distros import _get_package_mirror_info
class TestGetPackageMirrorInfo:
Tests for cloudinit.distros._get_package_mirror_info.
These supplement the tests in tests/unittests/test_distros/
which are more focused on testing a single production-like configuration.
These tests are more focused on specific aspects of the unit under test.
@pytest.mark.parametrize('mirror_info,expected', [
# Empty info gives empty return
({}, {}),
# failsafe values used if present
({'failsafe': {'primary': 'value', 'security': 'other'}},
{'primary': 'value', 'security': 'other'}),
# search values used if present
({'search': {'primary': ['value'], 'security': ['other']}},
{'primary': ['value'], 'security': ['other']}),
# failsafe values used if search value not present
({'search': {'primary': ['value']}, 'failsafe': {'security': 'other'}},
{'primary': ['value'], 'security': 'other'})
def test_get_package_mirror_info_failsafe(self, mirror_info, expected):
Test the interaction between search and failsafe inputs
(This doesn't test the case where the mirror_filter removes all search
options; test_failsafe_used_if_all_search_results_filtered_out covers
assert expected == _get_package_mirror_info(mirror_info,
mirror_filter=lambda x: x)
def test_failsafe_used_if_all_search_results_filtered_out(self):
"""Test the failsafe option used if all search options eliminated."""
mirror_info = {
'search': {'primary': ['value']}, 'failsafe': {'primary': 'other'}
assert {'primary': 'other'} == _get_package_mirror_info(
mirror_info, mirror_filter=lambda x: False)
@pytest.mark.parametrize('availability_zone,region,patterns,expected', (
# Test ec2_region alone
('fk-fake-1f', None, ['EC2-%(ec2_region)s'], ['EC2-fk-fake-1']),
# Test availability_zone alone
('fk-fake-1f', None, ['AZ-%(availability_zone)s'], ['AZ-fk-fake-1f']),
# Test region alone
(None, 'fk-fake-1', ['RG-%(region)s'], ['RG-fk-fake-1']),
# Test that ec2_region is not available for non-matching AZs
('fake-fake-1f', None,
['EC2-%(ec2_region)s', 'AZ-%(availability_zone)s'],
# Test that template order maintained
(None, 'fake-region', ['RG-%(region)s-2', 'RG-%(region)s-1'],
['RG-fake-region-2', 'RG-fake-region-1']),
def test_substitution(self, availability_zone, region, patterns, expected):
"""Test substitution works as expected."""
m_data_source = mock.Mock(
availability_zone=availability_zone, region=region
mirror_info = {'search': {'primary': patterns}}
ret = _get_package_mirror_info(
mirror_filter=lambda x: x
assert {'primary': expected} == ret