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@Saviq Saviq released this 21 Sep 07:25

No client or server ABI changes


  • [Wayland] A configuration mechanism to select the Wayland extensions
  • [Wayland] Support XDG shell stable
  • [Wayland] Improve protocol scanner
  • [libmiral] Display configuration file support
  • [libmiral] Make the pid of external clients available
  • [libmiral] Add DisplayConfiguration
  • [console] Ensure the_console_services() is constructed only once
  • [console] An option to select the ConsoleServices provider
  • [mir-demos] Move legacy binaries out of mir-demos package
  • [mir-test-tools] Drop internal test binaries from mir-test-tools package
  • [X11] Experimental X11 support via Xwayland

Bugs fixed:

  • [Wayland] creating a shell_surface should associate a role immediately. (Fixes #512)
  • [Wayland] Default for positioner gravity
  • [Wayland] Use miral test framework for wlcs tests
  • [Wayland] Send popup configure events
  • [Wayland] When setting the pointer cursor apply it. (Fixes #555)
  • [Wayland] Hook the OutputManager into display reconfiguration notifications. (Fixes #585)
  • [Wayland] Remove hard coded values for output geometry (screen orientation and pixel arrangement). (Fixes #601)
  • [miral-kiosk] Don't allow apps to specify size of "maximized" windows. (Fixes #454)
  • [Mir-on-X] Fixed keyboard grab issue on Arch. (Fixes #549)
  • [eglstream-kms] Platform re-enabled, but no GL client support
  • [console] Fix VT switching with LinuxVirtualTerminal. (Fixes #499)
  • [console] Avoid breaking X11 desktops that have not claimed the VT from logind. (Fixes #535, #539)
  • [console] LogindConsoleServices: Support VT switching. (Fixes #459)
  • [libmiral] Parents of the active window also have focus. (Fixes #522)
  • Fix "sanitize" builds
  • Racy shutdown in miral-tests and miral_wlcs_tests. (Fixes #543)
  • Fix a locale initialization crash on musl
  • [mesa] Use both id and drm_fd as output identifier for cursor buffer as we're not sure of the uniqueness of either. (Fixes #556)
  • [mesa] Disconnected hardware has no modes: invent a (slow) refresh rate. (Fixes #587)
  • [input] Guess output for touchscreen (works with one of each). (Fixes #605)