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About ImageMagick Thumbnailer

ImageMagick Thumbnailer is a tool to create thumbnails for image attachments in the open source bulletin board software phpBB. It can easily be installed using the extension system of phpBB.

Why was this software created

In phpBB versions prior to 3.2.4, thumbnails for images could be created in two different ways:

  1. as preferred method, using a external program called ImageMagick, which is very often preinstalled on most web servers
  2. as a fallback method, using the php library GD, which is commonly part of a basis php installation

In phpBB version 3.2.4, the support for external called programs was dropped because of a critical vulnerability as described in this article. So, the only way to create image thumbnails remaining was using the GD library, but the generated thumbnail have a poorer quality and are lacking all meta informations (eg. exif data).

So I decided to create a extension which brings back the functionality using ImageMagick without opening the vulnerability again. There is also a number of improvements which are described on the Features page



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