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Confused by Mixed Signals

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@NoFoolLikeOne NoFoolLikeOne released this 27 Aug 15:49


The EDMC-Canonn plugin will help you keep up to date with Canonn News, direct you to things of interest in the game and will capture data that will enable us to catalogue the mysteries of the Galaxy.

Data captured through the plugin will be made available from our database and API as well as displayed on charts and galaxy maps.

We aim to automate data capture as much as possible and will give you options that will allow you choose what user interface elements you want to interact with.

What's New

  • Changed Organic Scan Distance Calculator to track nearest instead of just last distance
  • Changed the parameter for low density rings
  • High value planets updated to use Matt G's formula
  • Ringed Stars exclude Dwarfs when got from the journal
  • Suppress Signals that are likely to be old Horizons data
  • Change nagging sounds to mp3 from wav

How to install.

First you must install Elite Dangerous Market Connector

Load the application and go to the plugins tab of the settings screen. This will show you where you will need to install the EDMC-Canonn plugin.

EDMC Settings Plugins Tab

Download the Source Code zip file for the latest release and extract the folder into the plugins directory. (this can be found under Assets near the bottom of the page.

Restart EDMC

After restarting we recommend that you go and edit you settings before using the plugin.


In the Canonn tab of the EDMC Settings page you will be able to configure various settings related to the plugin

Canonn Plugin Settings

Debug Settings

  • Turn On Debugging Leave this off unless you are having a problem and want to tell me what is going in

News Settings

  • Hide Canonn News: Hide the Canonn News from the user interface

Release Settings

  • Auto Update This Plugin: With this set the plugin will automatically download and install each new release. All you will need to do is restart EDMC for it to take effect. We understand if you don't want the software to update itself automatically but would prefer you to automatically update.
  • Remove Backup: By default the plugin will keep a backup of the old release when it upgrades. With this option set it will delete it.
  • Stop Talking to Me: If this option is not set then at certain times you may be contacted to remind you to restart or upgrade. We also hope to provide in game release notes when appropriate.

Patrol Settings

The patrol settings allow you to hide various patrol types. If you don't want any patrols then check all the boxes and you will not be bothered with that wall of text ever again

  • Hide Canonn Patrols The Canonn patrols are used to direct you to sites of interest for ad-hoc surveys. We would prefer you to have this visible but understand if you don't want to see it.
  • Hide Canonn Faction Systems We have a special patrol for systems where Canonn has factions, so you can be directed there to help with BGS.
  • Hide Your Ships The Ships patrol shows you where your nearest ship storage is located
  • Hide Galactic Mapping POIs This patrol shows you the nearest POI from the galactic mapping project
  • Automatically copy the patrol to the clipboard This copies the patrol to the clipboard to make it easy to navigate

Codex Settings

  • Hide Codex Icons The codex icons show you information about the current system