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Canoo Radio

Canoo Radio is a radio station based on mpd where listeners decide upon and vote on its content. It is a full fledged web application that comes with a Node.js server and an Angular.js front-end. Canoo radio also depends upon mpd to manage the song library + the playlist and Icecast to allow the output of mpd to be fed to an http audio streamng endpoint.

At the moment the entire development stack is setup on Linux with instructions provided here for installing mpd and icecast on debian based systems. Mac and windows users will need to figure out how to get mpd and icecast setup as the installation is different from that of linux. One option is to install mpd and icecast on a separate ubuntu machine and connect to the mpd server on it.


Installing icecast on linux

Install icecast via sudo apt-get install icecast2.

You can provide the hostname for icecast while installing or leave as localhost if you only plan on having your radio station accessible over the internal network. Make sure to change the password to something better than the default hackme.

The icecast configuration can be found here: /etc/icecast2/icecast.xml. Change the port to 4710 and configure the mount to be /stream.

        <source-password><PASSWORD OF ICECAST></source-password>
        <relay-password><PASSWORD OF ICECAST></relay-password>
        <admin-password><PASSWORD OF ICECAST></admin-password>
        <port><PORT OF ICECAST></port>
        <shoutcast-mount><MOUNT OF ICECAST></shoutcast-mount>

Installing mpd on linux

sudo apt-get install mpd. Configure mpd in /etc/mpd.conf

bind_to_address "::"

    audio_output {
     type            "shout"
     name            "Canoo Radio shoutcast"
     host            "localhost"
     port            "<PORT OF ICECAST>"
     mount           "<MOUNT OF ICECAST>"
     password        "<PASSWORD OF ICECAST>"
     bitrate         "128"
     format          "44100:16:2"
     encoding        "mp3"
   audio_output {
          type "pulse"
          name "Canoo Radio RDP"
          sink "rtp"

Fix mpd ownership sudo chown -R mpd /var/lib/mpd/music

Setup verification

Check that the services are running:

sudo service mpd status
sudo service icecast2 status

Note that mpd is listening on 6600 and icecast is listening on 4710 in the current setup.

At this point you can also install Sonata via sudo apt-get install sonata, which is a gui to manage mpd. You should run sonata and make sure that you can connect to and play songs via mpd. To add music to the library you can simply copy a few mp3 files over to the /var/lib/mp3/music folder and make sure to set the ownership of all files within this folder to mpd: sudo chown -R mpd:audio /var/lib/mpd/music. Make sure to refresh the music directory in sonata to get mpd to update it's database.

If you have something playing via mpd, you can also verify that the icecast stream is working correctly by typing the following into your browser: http://localhost:4710/stream.

Once you have verified that everything is setup correctly, you can proceed with setting up the project :)


Install global dependencies:

sudo npm install -g browserify
sudo npm install -g clean-css
sudo npm install -g uglifyjs
sudo npm install -g nodemon
sudo npm install -g envify
sudo npm install -g node-sass
sudo npm install -g mocha
sudo npm install -g forever

Install project dependencies via npm install.


npm run build-js
npm run build-sass

This will dist the combined app.js under the public/dist/ folder and the canooradio.css to the dist folder as well. You might need to create the dist folder as it is not checked in. npm run all will run in development mode where changes to the js folder and the sass folder are watched via nodemon.

node radio.js

to run the app. However in production you probably want to run node using a process manager like forever.

forever list
forever stop radio.js
forever start radio.js


env ENV=test mocha test/test-mpd.js
env ENV=test mocha test/test-radio.js
env ENV=test mocha test/test-db-wrapper.js
mocha test/test-mpd-integration.js

to run tests located under the tests folder. Note that the test environment uses mock mpd data and if you'd like to test with the mpd service running then exclude the environment variable but then the expectations on tests will likely not pass :)

Note that the tests need to be run individually due to the file-based db


An online radio station based on mpd where listeners decide upon and vote on its content



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