Android client API for the Dolphin Platform
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Dolphin Platform Android client API Build Status

This repository contains the Android client API for the Dolphin Platform. General information about the Dolphin Platform can be found here.

Dolphin Platform Logo

The Dolphin Platform is a framework that implements the presentation model pattern and provides a modern way to create enterprise applications. The Platform provides several client implementations that all can be used in combination with a general sever API.

By doing so you can create enterprise application with a single server and several desktop, web and mobile client implementations. Here the Dolphin Platforms define a mechanism to automatically snchronize models between the server and the client.

The Server sources of the Dolphin Platform can be found here.

The documentation for Android integration can be found here.

For more information read the documentation of the Dolphin Platform.

Issue Tracking

Please use the issue tracking system of the Dolphin Platform to report any bug or feature request.


The project is released as open source under the Apache License Version 2.0

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