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Dolphin Platform Spring Boot Sample

This automatically created project can be used as a basic skeleton for a Spring Boot based Dolphin Platform application. The project contains 3 modules:

  • The common module that contains the model that is shared between client and server

  • The server module that contains the Spring Boot Application and a first Dolphin Platform controller

  • The client module a JavaFX application that creates a view that is bound to the Dolphin Platform controller in the server module

How to use it

The project is created with a gradle build. You can directly import it in any IDE that supports Gradle (like Eclipse or IntelliJ). If you want to start the application you need to start the ServerApplication class in the server module and than the ClientApplication class in the client module. The client can be started several times.

If you want to start the application from commandline without IDE support you can use the following commands:

Run the server from the server folder

cd server
gradle bootRun

A client instance can be started, too:

cd client
gradle run