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Enterprise JS Workshop Workspace

1. Environment Setup

Note: Some of the command line tools will be installed globally. For that you will probably need to run the command with super user permissions.

1.1 Git

Install a Git client for your machine.

1.2 Node.js

Install Node.js from

Now you should have the npm (node package manager) command line tool available

1.3 Grunt

Install Grunt command line tool globally using npm

npm install -g grunt-cli

1.4 Bower

Install Bower globally using npm

npm install -g bower

1.5 Buster.js

Install Buster.js globally using npm

npm install -g buster

1.6 Phantom.js

In order to run the Buster.js tests in a headless browser install the WebKit headless browser Phantom.js from Make sure that $PHANTOMJS_HOME environment variable is set correctly and $PHANTOMJS_HOME/bin is added to your $PATH environment variable.

1.7 HTTP Server

It is very handy to have a simple http server right at your finger tips.

npm install -g http-server

1.8 Browser

Please make sure to have a modern browser with a propper HTML5 support.

1.9 Optional

Optionally, for the last exercises you can install

  • XCode to have an iOS simulator
  • Android SDK and create a virtual device to have a Android simulator

Now you should be ready to checkout and run the exersices.

2.0 Project setup

Checkout the source code using your git client.

git clone

3.0 Workshop Slides

Workshop slides are available on here:


This workshop contains following exercises

Require JS

Buster JS

Backbone JS - Views

Backbone JS - Models

Backbone JS - MVC

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