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<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Basic Functional Tests</title>
<script data-main="../../js/dolphin/" src="../../libs/require.js"></script>
<link href="functional_tests.css" rel="stylesheet">
<h1>Basic Functional Tests written with inline JavaScript</h1>
<p>Enter text here to see the instant update of the connected labels:</p><p>
<input id="instant-update-input" type="text" value=""></p><p>
<button id="rebase-button" disabled='true' >Rebase</button>
<button id="reset-button" disabled='true' >Reset </button>
<input id="dirty-status" type="checkbox"/>
<p>Instantly updated label from the same Attribute:
<div id="instant-update-label" class="label">unchanged</div>
<p>Instantly updated label from an Attribute with the same qualifier:
<div id="qualified-label" class="label">unchanged</div>
require([ 'opendolphin' ], function (dol) {
// setting up the dolphin
const dolphin = dol.dolphin(null, false);
// make two attributes
const instantUpdateAttribute = dolphin.attribute("instant-update", "same-qualifier", "");
const qualifiedAttribute = dolphin.attribute("qualified-update", "same-qualifier","");
// and put each into its own presentation model
dolphin.presentationModel(undefined, undefined, instantUpdateAttribute);
dolphin.presentationModel(undefined, undefined, qualifiedAttribute);
// html elements to bind against
const instantUpdateInput = document.getElementById("instant-update-input");
const rebaseButton = document.getElementById("rebase-button");
const resetButton = document.getElementById("reset-button");
const dirtyStatus = document.getElementById("dirty-status");
const instantUpdateLabel = document.getElementById("instant-update-label");
const qualifiedLabel = document.getElementById("qualified-label");
// bind input of textfield to attribute
instantUpdateInput.oninput = function (event) {
// bind other direction as well (e.g. for rebase)
instantUpdateAttribute.onValueChange(function (event) {
instantUpdateInput.value = event.newValue;
// bind dirty of attribute to value of checkbox
instantUpdateAttribute.onDirty(function (event) {
dirtyStatus.checked = event.newValue;
// bind dirty of attribute to enabled of rebaseButton
instantUpdateAttribute.onDirty(function (event) {
rebaseButton.disabled = !event.newValue;
// bind dirty of attribute to enabled of resetButton
instantUpdateAttribute.onDirty(function (event) {
resetButton.disabled = !event.newValue;
// bind value of attribute to value of instantUpdateLabel
instantUpdateAttribute.onValueChange(function (event) {
instantUpdateLabel.innerHTML = event.newValue;
// bind qualified attribute to value of qualifiedLabel
qualifiedAttribute.onValueChange(function (event) {
qualifiedLabel.innerHTML = event.newValue;
rebaseButton.onclick = function () {
resetButton.onclick = function () {