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Also check out different workflow made by hylo. It has awesome features mine does not.

Mimic natural language input creating a 2Do task.


2d event [[today][tomorrow] on [11][feb 11][11 feb 2018][wed][wednesday][2/11]] [at [9][9:30][pm]] [@[list]] [#[tag]] [[*][**][***]] [-web]

+ This workflow will automatically detect and add webpage url currently you're watching as an action to open the webpage. You can choose whether or not to add web page or not by adding -web flag.

caveat: It takes bit of time for this script to dissect your input and understand your intention. So it is recommended you pause 1 second before pressing return key to create a new task. I'm looking for ways to solve this issue. Solved by v 1.1

Many thanks to Fahad G. for providing icons :D Black icons are also included in case you're using light alfred theme. All the icons are edited based on original icon provided.

Also big shout out to @doomsheart reviewing the whole code for me.

Massive shout out to @hylo for contribution. Check out his workflow here

based on the work of 2Do Workflow by Caleb Grove

webpage detection code from fallroot's copy-url-for-alfred

you can try at your own risk and any suggestions/pull requests will be appreciated

  • only single tag is accepted; working on it
  • priority

한국어 사용자는 따로 좀 더 상세하게 적어두었습니다