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Main developers:
Matevž Jekovec <>
lead developer, Windows port, Debian/Ubuntu packages, cmake, Wiki site
Reinhard Katzmann <>
Qt4, Qt5 senior expert, cmake, developing with patterns, refactorings
Itay Perl <>
bughunter, lots of GUI fixes and additions
Sam Hernandez <>
LilyPond export, build fixes
Erlend Aasland <>
MacOSX port, small compatibility fixes and improvements
Georg Rudolph <>
tester and bughunter, LilyPond, Midi import/export
Erik Magnus Johansson <>
bughunter, musical terms
Štefan Sakalík <>
PyCli and scripting enhancements
Itay Perl <>
Hebrew translation
Matevž Jekovec <>
Slovenian translation
Erik Magnus Johansson <>
Swedish translation
Georg Rudolph <>
German translation
Dutch translation
Róbert Kopácsi <>
Hungarian translation
Dag Henning Sørbø <>
Norwegian translation
Choplair <>
French translation
Henrik W. Gade <>
Danish translation
Robert Lee <>
Traditional Chinese translation
Pavel Fric <>
Czech translation
Alexey Loginov <>
Italian and Russian translation
External libraries and resources:
LilyPond team <>
Big kudos for such a beautiful music font
RtMidi Library <>
Fast and portable Midi library
zlib <>
Compression for our file format
Parsing midi files
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