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C++ developers for Qt5-based music score editor called Canorus
This document is intended for developers interested in the project.
Canorus, the successor to the music score editor NoteEdit is looking
for developers wanting to join the project. The project is hosted on
berlios and provides SVN access to the sources as well as a Wiki for
project discussions.
Canorus is the next generation music score editor (multiple viewports
of the same score, scripting support, score source view, fast and
intuitive UI, free software and cross-platform) . Technically it is
based on Qt4, uses CMake as project management tool, swig for scripting
/ macros integration (primary script languages are ruby and python) and
the cross platform rtmidi library for the MIDI playback.
Canorus is searching for developers with experience in the fields C++,
Ruby, Qt4, XML, Parsing, User Interfaces, Music Composition and Theory,
Translators, Score Editing Unit Tests.
Some of the tasks are:
- Add several UI parts (either via Ruby or in the core) like Settings,
several different property perspectives, Lyrics, Import / Export
- Development of a robust test engine for the user interface and
its core (could be done via scripting)
- Import parsers for ABC Music, Lilypond, MusicXML, MUP (& NoteEdit),
MusiXTeX, PMX, MIDI etc.
- Export for several formats like the above
- Recording and replay of macros
- Multi-Level Undo/Redo (for different perspectives)
Contact: Via development mailing lists. See homepage for details.
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