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Update NEWS and VERSION for 0.7.3rc3

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suamor committed Jun 16, 2018
1 parent ded705b commit f861575cb0b42a25ff7e1e6c57510ea9069e61a7
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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
- added note checker
- note checker and midi command support for shortcut settings
- fixed some compilation issues on other platforms
- fix issue with new sheet;
- fix issues with new sheet;
- add dynamic keyboard helper for shortcut settings
- Add version information to installer
- Qt4 build settings separated
@@ -63,6 +63,26 @@
- Fix issue when opening recent files and saving showing "unknown file format"
- Fix: If a non-playable is on first notem a slur could not be made
- Fix issue on not working Key Signature based transposition downwards
- Fix issue on voice number not updated when using tab key to walk over voices
- Added support for walking through contexts using tab key
- Set new MusicXML extension (.xml -> .musicxml) and change examples too
- Fixes and improvements on LilyPondExport (text, tempo, mark)
- Add support for importing compressed musicxml (only with metainfo)
- Fix Menu Shortcuts with ALT missing
- Fix order of keys
- Set key signature to autodetect values when transposing
- Fix issue that accidentals not shown in the second voice over barline
- Fix issues with dotted barlines and bars
- Add support for debug output that is only shown with debug build
- Add go to (jump to) bar
- Fix replace mark icon by volta
- Fix issues with creating/installing translation files
- Fix some swig warnings and debug output
- Show midi warnings dialog on startup
- Make properties dialog resizable (inkl. "grab" button)
- Show bar length error, if it is too long.
- Do not place autobars if inserting in the middle of the score
- Ctrl-T can now be used as shortcut for transpose

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