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@matevz matevz released this 04 Jan 00:12


  • Set SelectMode instead of NoDocumentMode when a new document.was created
  • Added ruler to show the bar number on top of the score view
  • Updated translations
  • Fix some issues to get Canorus running with Qt5
  • Introduced official support for Qt5
  • Bar reference list added to CAStaff
  • Fixed Repeat bar lines in lilypond export
  • Removed obsolete clipping from CAScoreView
  • Add icon for upcoming shortcuts feature
  • Added newDocument() fallback for environment without Python.
  • Added "Canorus is compiled with Python support." to about dialog box.
  • Requires Python 3.x; updated corresponding bindings
  • Added basic MusicXML export.
  • CATempo: Removed obsolete dotted property
  • Lilypond export: Added support for CATempo and CARitardando.
  • Scoreview: Fixed crash when adding lines marks
  • Added MIDI pitch offset property to voice
  • Lilypond export: Fixed indentination
  • Lilypond export: Export instrument names.
  • Lilypond export: Set rehersal marks drawn in box.
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling regression introduced with new speed optimizations.
  • Fixed MusicXML import regression introduced in R1282.
  • Significant speed improvement for getting the current clef.
  • Fixed crash in KDTree when adding notes.
  • Significant speed improvement for finding elements in range for canvas.
  • Moved drawable map from KDTree to ScoreView.
  • Removed several obsolete KDTree functions.
  • Removed several obsolete ScoreView functions
  • Midi import gives staffs and voices a name
  • Compatibility fix with recent Qt4
  • Skipped 0.7.1 Release