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@matevz matevz released this 03 Jan 23:00

0.7.3 Changes since previous release:

  • Translation Updates
  • GPLv3 compatibility
  • Official compiler used for builds is gcc/mingw 5.3 / 5.4
  • Fixes in offset to measure numberings and pickup measures
  • Command Settings updates
  • Small updates to View setWorld functions regarding types
  • Bindings for page movement (up, down, home, end)
  • Fix for Appearence Dialog
  • Qt4 no longer supported officially
  • Adjustments for Qt4 after API fixes for Qt5
    (not removed except for helper dialog due to drop of webkit by Qt5.6)
  • Other minor changes Midi/Shortcut
  • Load Dialog Fix (shortcut settings)
  • No longer differentiate before showing Load Dialog (settings)
  • Save Dialog updated to behave same as Load Dialog (settings)
  • Various fixes for shortcut settings
  • Fix for cloning View
  • Support Qt5 for Windows (build), adjusted build instructions
  • Fix Windows Qt5 DLL installation
  • Integrate Shortcut Settings finally into Settings View
  • Support several types of shortcut settings
  • Readme now contains several updates to reflect compatibility with
    older dependent packages like swig and cmake
  • added note checker
  • note checker and midi command support for shortcut settings
  • fixed some compilation issues on other platforms
  • fix issue with new sheet;
  • add dynamic keyboard helper for shortcut settings
  • Add version information to installer
  • Qt4 build settings separated
  • Fixed mouse move lagging
  • AutoConnect issue fixed for Print Preview
  • Pass binary midi data directly to QTextStream, fixes midi export again.
  • Add support for C++11 build (and later, depending on recent compiler used)
  • Unified Edit mode with Select mode. Default mode now is Edit mode.
  • Fixed missing uiSelectMode in CAActionStorage.
  • Fixed showing selection area, if a user had a shaky hand
  • New more simple help system (HTML) documentation system based on sphinx
  • Migrated several guides to sphinx (sorry, the german guide needs still to be done)
  • Fix when inserting note on empty bar line when already having edited
    some notes on a different bar line
  • Add check for alsa on Linux for rtmidi;
  • Fixed old GUI bug: On Undo, On New document, Note checker not activated on Undo.
  • On first Escape, the selection is cleared. On second Escape, we a context is deselected.
  • Fixed console logging: No mode handled.
  • Fixed edit text hiding when clicked on an existing music element.
  • Fixed Text/Lyrics/Bookmarks saving when clicked outside of the text edit. Only Esc key explicitly cancels the editing.
  • Fixed editing bookmarks.
  • Fixed Text/Lyrics/Bookmarks lost when switching from Insert mode to Edit mode without confirming text edit content.
  • Added panning the view forward when writing lyrics at the end of the screen.
  • Added behaviour to text edit: Blank content deletes the text element.
  • Lyrics, text and bookmarks: Text edit shows on mouse release to allows multiple selection.
  • Fixed insert playable icon to be more meaningful.
  • Fixed toolbars: When inserting clefs, time sigs, key sigs etc. the voice toolbar should not be visible.
  • Fixed fake text edit, if adding a text illegaly to non-playable element.
  • Fixed text edit popping back up, when switching from insert to edit mode.
  • Show text edit when exactly one element is selected, otherwise, confirm any opened text edits and hide it.
  • fix for pluginmanager when no plugins are available
  • Streamline Translation with 5.6 (use official macros)
  • Support for latest gcc 7 (fix compilation)
  • Fix issue when opening recent files and saving showing "unknown file format"
  • Fix: If a non-playable is on first notem a slur could not be made
  • Fix issue on not working Key Signature based transposition downwards
  • Fix issue on voice number not updated when using tab key to walk over voices
  • Added support for walking through contexts using tab key
  • Set new MusicXML extension (.xml -> .musicxml) and change examples too
  • Fixes and improvements on LilyPondExport (text, tempo, mark)
  • Add support for importing compressed musicxml (only with metainfo)
  • Fix Menu Shortcuts with ALT missing
  • Fix order of keys
  • Set key signature to autodetect values when transposing
  • Fix issue that accidentals not shown in the second voice over barline
  • Fix issues with dotted barlines and bars
  • Add support for debug output that is only shown with debug build
  • Add go to (jump to) bar
  • Fix replace mark icon by volta
  • Fix issues with creating/installing translation files
  • Fix some swig warnings and debug output
  • Show midi warnings dialog on startup
  • Make properties dialog resizable (inkl. "grab" button)
  • Show bar length error, if it is too long.
  • Do not place autobars if inserting in the middle of the score
  • Ctrl-T can now be used as shortcut for transpose

Known Issues: (Please report)

  • PyCLI is broken after update to python3
  • When Python plugin (scripting) is included, a crash occurs when exiting Canorus

If you really still need Qt4 please let us know.
Basically you just can use the previous version of the helper dialog in SVN
[widget/helpbrowser.h, r1468, all other code is still in place]

We plan to fully remove Qt4 support in one of the next releases.