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This page has approximately dates and major features to be implemented upon this date.

After 1.0 release, non-critical "cool" features

This is a list of "cool" features which would be awesome to be supported in the future:

  • Break Canorus into separated modules and libraries (e.g. to easily integrate score view in another Qt app)
  • Intelligent score source view.
  • Show current selection only like in Blender using / key.
  • Bookmark support inside the score and shown bookmarks below the horizontal slider for faster pickup.
  • Modern contemperament notation. Preferebly drawing support or import of vector graphics.
  • 3D score viewport.
  • Rubato rhythm and conducting features (something like tempo envelope for a single voice).
  • Rendering of neums, kievan notes and other styles of music.
  • Text->Speech singing of notes
  • Open engraver engine somehow, so the scripts could change the way notes are rendered.
  • Provide [ Aeolus] and other specialized or GM synthesizers for playback.
  • Finale, Sibelius, Noteworhy, Igor's engraver, Encore and other proprietary software file formats import/export.

Future release 1.0

This is a list of the work to be done until the final release of ''Canorus'':

  • All features ''NoteEdit'' offered.
  • Polished GUI (decide color scheme for icons, offer dark/bright theme).
  • LilyPond, ABC music, MusixTeX, PMX, NoteEdit and other import/export filters
  • Improve performance - rewrite engraver (QGraphicsScene?).
  • Translate User's guide into multiple languages.
  • LilyPond close connectivity, even custom properties Lily tab for every music element.
  • Get feedback from community and implement other feature request.

Future release 0.9

Ideas for the future release:

  • Stem bracket.
  • Arpeggio.
  • Tablature and Guitar fret support.
  • Grace notes.
  • Document layout.
  • Mute, Solo voice.
  • Multi-measure rests.
  • Auto bar placement.
  • New document wizard.
  • 8va, 8bassa.
  • Basic document layout (like choir staff group, piano group etc.).
  • Drum support.

Version 0.8 - Working on!

  • See bug tracker
  • User's Guide covering all features to date.
  • Finish Midi import implementation (@itsgeorg).
  • LilyPond should be able to correctly render every score made by Canorus - including figured bass, function marks etc.
  • Create test system (unit tests and other methods to automate regression tests).
  • Nightly packages and (portable?) releases for Windows, MacOS, Linux.

Version 0.7.4: Feature complete in Jan 2020, but not released

  • Python 3 compatibility and Pycli
  • Chord marks

Version 0.7.3: Done. Released May 2017 - Jun 2018

Version 0.7.2: Done. Released Apr 2015

Version 0.7.1: Done. Released Apr 2013

Version 0.7: Done. Released Mar 2009

Version 0.6: planned until end of 2008.


Version 0.5: planned Dec 2007 - Done. Released Jan 2008

Version 0.4: planned for summer 2007 - Done. Released Sep 2007

Version 0.3: planned for Mar, Apr 2007 - Done. Released May 2007

Version 0.2.5: Released in Mar 2007

Version 0.2: planned for Jan 2007


Version 0.1: Released in Nov 2006

  • Plugins support
  • Python support
  • Windows support
  • Config file

Version 0.0.5: Released in Oct 2006

  • Improvements on key signature editing, script integration, polyphony and time signature support
  • Polyphony

Version 0.0.2: End of Aug 2006 - Might be the first release

  • Some perspectives, Canorus ML format support

Version 0.0.1: End of Jun 2006 - Done, not released though

  • Score view widget and basic type setting

Enhanced Prototype: End of May 2006 - Done, but not released

  • Very basic score view and complete menu structure

Prototype: Should be done about end of Apr 2006

  • Consisting of MainWindow with score (screenshot) and some dock widgets