Art-Net DMX over IP library for Java and Processing
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Art-Net DMX over IP library for Java and Processing. This library adds a lot of features to the existing artnet4j project. Including support to read dmx data.


  • Bind server to a custom network interface
  • Reuse of the socket address
  • Added ability to receive OpDmx packages
  • Send and receive via UDP broadcast.
  • Support for Art-Ext packages.


The library adds a new class called ArtNetClient, which contains easy access to the underlaying Art-Net implementation.

Send Dmx Data

To send dmx data you have to create a new client. It is possible to skip the buffer creation, because receiving is not needed here.

byte[] dmxData = new byte[512];
ArtNetClient artnet = new ArtNetClient(null);

// set data
dmxData[0] = 128;

// send data to localhost
artnet.unicastDmx("", 0, 0, dmxData);


Based on SendDmxData

It is also possible to send the data via broadcast.

// to broad cast data
artnet.broadcastDmx(0, 0, dmxData);

Read Dmx Data

Reading data is simple as creating a new client, and read the bytes from the buffer. Please be aware that you have to mask the bytes with 0xFF (because they are signed).

ArtNetClient artnet = new ArtNetClient();

byte[] data = artnet.readDmxData(0, 0);
System.out.println("First Byte: " + data[0] & 0xFF);

Based on ReceiveDmxData

Bind Custom Network Interface

It is also possible to set a custom network interface. Here you see how to bind a custom network interface en5 to the ArtNet server:

NetworkInterface ni = NetworkInterface.getByName("en5");
InetAddress address = ni.getInetAddresses().nextElement();



The library is based on then artnet4j project.

Art-Net by Artistic Licence allows for broadcasting DMX data via IP/UDP. This library is implementing the basic protocol for Java applications.

Currently supported core features are:

  • Device/node discovery & automatic updating of node configurations
  • Java typed descriptors of nodes & node properties
  • Abstracted DmxUniverse allowing direct pixel/channel access without having to deal with packets
  • JAXB configuration support for storing universe/node descriptions as XML
  • Listener support for various events
  • Sending of DMX512 data via UDP broadcast or unicast

This project is currently still in pre-alpha stage, so currently only source access via hg. Be also aware that large parts of the codebase are still undergoing major changes.

New features are developed by Florian.