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Monitoring 'acceleration/deceleration' of values #178

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We have the PeakDetectorAgent which monitors frequency of events, but what if I want to monitor the change of a value in an event over time? Say I have an agentthat monitors temperature in my house, and I want to know if it increases or decreases more than X degrees in Y hours. Is there a way to do this?

I can't seem to find something, but a RateOfChangeDetector or ThirdDerivativeAgent... something of the like would be useful (yay, my next commit I guess)


Added to agent suggestions list in #353

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Official Agent Suggestions Thread #353

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Interesting. I just made a PR for something similar, the ChangeOverTimeAgent: #374

In general, I would love to have more general-purpose value-processing filters, like integration, averaging, smoothing, etc.


+1 to this agent idea. Doing it with a change detector right now doesn't seem to be reliable.

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