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alias1 commented Jun 23, 2014

As per: #384 (comment) (Also see #325 )

For now we could share raw links to gists and pastebins (like If someone wants to make a directory site that hosts Scenarios with tags and search and stuff, that'd be amazing. And I'll work on adding author information to the exports.

This issue is for Discussion/features/etc for a Huginn Scenario directory site. Designing it with the ability to easily handle agents (when they become seperated from Huginn-core) would be ideal.

Edit: I think a cool feature related to this would be generating a visual 'map' of the scenario (like Huginn currently does for agents) This would be generated just from the raw scenario file itself.

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Scenarios [work in progress] #325

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cantino commented Jun 23, 2014

I'm definitely interested in this. I think a site that allows users to post use-cases, scenario requests, and actual scenarios would be cool. What are some example sites (directories, forums, etc.) that do this well?

(I'm traveling right now, may be slow to reply.)


I think this is a good idea as well. It would also lend itself to certain "let's do this" use cases, such as setting up a sequence of agents to monitor Twitter for specific combinations of keywords (let's say), or setting up a sequence of agents to monitor a particularly tricky service (like some market analysis sites). I would have loved being able to distribute my "Fort Hood shooting" watcher as a single file with functionality like this.

cantino commented Jun 29, 2014

Do you guys have any examples of directory sites that have a good look and feel and allow easy discussion and upvoting of content? Ideally something open-source that we could modify?

Here are the things that I think we should add to Scenarios:

  • Scenario schema version number (so we can determine compatibility in the future)
  • Author info
    • Name
    • Website
    • Email
  • Add keywords?
  • Add setup instructions text area

The directory / sharing system should have

  • accounts?
  • karma
  • up votes on Scenarios
  • Scenario requests
  • inappropriate Scenario reports
  • comments
  • inappropriate comment reports

What is the simplest thing we could build?

snicker commented Jul 2, 2014

EasyUO has what they call a "public script library" which is functionally pretty close to what we would want. Not something that we could use, as it's written in PHP and directly (i'll say parasitically) connected to phpBB.

The library is administered by forum administrators. Anyone with a forum account can post a thread with a script, but a library admin has to add it to the directory, picking a category and filling it appropriate metadata (most of which is scraped from the forum post).

At that point, the directory entry points to the forum thread which has discussion, downloads, etc. The library functionality allows for voting and browsing based on category. Something similarly simple could work, though we'd probably skip the need to moderate all submissions and allow users to police or rate/upvote the community.

accounts seem necessary but the signup process should probably as simple as possible. IE type in a username and you're good to post something... similar to hacker news? email can be optionally added later

alias1 commented Jul 2, 2014

I think accounts are a must, and with omniauth/etc you can have a user/pass, twitter, Facebook, GitHub, etc auth system up super quick/painlessly.

cantino commented Jul 3, 2014

Thanks for the example @snicker. This whole system wouldn't be that hard to build, but I don't know if I have the time right now to bite it off. I'm hoping someone will volunteer ๐Ÿ˜‰

virtadpt commented Jul 4, 2014

I like the idea of a site where users can sign up and post their scenarios. It builds community, which is never bad for an open source project, and it helps make projects popular (and thus more widely used). It also makes it more likely that people will look at scenarios and submit requests and fixes to them. It also makes it less likely that malicious scenarios (DoS attacks, for example) will be submitted.

On the other hand, being able to import a scenario from a secret gist would be handy for agile deployment of agents. Sometimes quick-and-dirty isn't a bad thing if you trust the person who posted it.

I'd also like to second the request for being able to pull scenarios from Github repositories. I've been thinking of setting up a repo for my scenarios, and it would be handy to not only pull scenarios from repositories, but also push scenarios into repositories from inside of Huginn. Sort of a "here's my default agent network" in much the same way that some people check the config files from their home directories into repos.


I really like this idea ๐Ÿ‘

lexoyo commented Feb 12, 2015

We could use github API to populate a website with issues or gists?
Github has comments, labels and people can fork gists. We could use the number of ๐Ÿ‘ to determine a note

lexoyo commented Feb 12, 2015

As an example, these two lists (image and text lists) come from these github issues with a given label: templates and widgets


How likely would it be that people would contribute to a huginn-scenarios/ repository?

cantino commented Feb 12, 2015

I certainly would.

lexoyo commented Feb 13, 2015

I would contribute a webhook to trigger twitter alert + emails + feed a status page


Any update on this? I have some code that I have used for a previous project that would help a lot with this.

cantino commented Apr 30, 2015

We need someone to spearhead the effort. It would be a significant contribution to Huginn!


I can definitely spearhead it! Is the draft specification still relevant from what you guys are looking for? Commit c7cd070

cantino commented May 1, 2015

That'd be great @nerdbaggy! At this point, I think we should start as simple as possible. We already have Scenarios in Huginn, which are exportable as JSON structures. Here is a possible roadmap:

  • Develop community site for sharing Scenarios.
  • Allow Huginn Scenarios to be subscribed from the community site (they can already be subscribed and updated from another Huginn instance.)
  • Allow Huginn Scenarios to be variablized for better reuse.

Got it! Will start working on it!

Ishfal commented Aug 8, 2015

Whenever this goes up, I have a few scenarios of possible general utility to contribute:

  • Alerts for SF BART delays
  • SF Giants home-game alerts
  • Framework for monitoring website updates and sending daily alert digest

In the meantime, I'm happy to provide to others directly, as well.

TildeWill commented Feb 6, 2016 edited

Omniscope ( is willing to host the directory on the community's behalf. I'm thinking about something akin to where people can publish their own scenarios. Maybe an MVP is:

  • the ability to publish a scenario to the directory from any huginn
  • the ability to see all scenarios in a list (which will get long very quickly and should be replaced by search/some "popularity" metric)
  • the ability to install and update a scenario from the directory

I've made a repo at Looking for collaborators and pull requests.

cantino commented Feb 6, 2016

That would be fantastic! I'm definitely happy to be involved, and would be thrilled if you wanted to lead the effort.

virtadpt commented Feb 8, 2016

Feel free to look around in here and copy in any you like. I use them in examples in the longform series I've been publishing.


We're looking for a good name for the scenario directory site. I opened an issue here: omniscopeio/communnin#1 please add your suggestions and I'll update the list at the top of the thread.

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