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Version 1.1.29

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@canton7 canton7 released this 07 Aug 12:14


  • Don't crash in rare cases trying to detect if Intel Xe Graphics in use (#626)
  • Make it clearer that balloon settings are on the Folders tab (#613)
  • Don't show device connectivity balloons by default
  • Uninstaller: try to shut down running SyncTrayzor instances (#516)


SyncTrayzor should prompt you to upgrade automatically if you're running v1.1.27 or earlier (versions earlier than this don't gain anything significant by upgrading). Alternatively you can download the latest version.


SyncTrayzor is packaged as both an installer and a standalone zip. It will run on Windows 7 or newer.


Download SyncTrayzorSetup-x64.exe or SyncTrayzorSetup-x86.exe and run it. If you already have SyncTrayzor installed, this will update it.


Download the offline or web installer if you don't have it installed already.

Download or Unzip, and run SyncTrayzor.exe. If you're updating, you'll need to copy the data folder across from your previous standalone installation.