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Merge branch 'release/1.11'

* release/1.11: (40 commits)
  Update changelog
  Bump version to v1.11
  Add comment to readme saying that my repo is likely to be more up-to-date than fuel's fork
  Talk about forum thread in readme
  Change defaults for min, combine, show_files
  Document the new functions
  Add functions to set group options on-the-fly
  Correct example syntax for inlining
  Make add_group_base accept a single string dep, and document this
  Document the dependencies
  resolve_deps was enabling groups that should have been disabled
  Add functions to add deps to groups
  Create an array of rendered groups, and use it to prevent us from rendering groups both as a dep and as normal. Also enable disbled groups when they're deps.
  Move dep-checking to its own function, and check for circular references.
  Deps can now be defined and processed.
  Document the changes in the readme
  Deprecate the  option to render(), and add it to the group config instead
  Document new inline behaviour in the readme
  Css uris are rewritten, even if the file is inline and isn't minified
  Make 'inline' a group attribute, rather than something passed to Casset::render()
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canton7 committed Sep 25, 2011
2 parents 4314975 + 550d73e commit 4340eddd907fe09a4acc7ef4cd42ee69016cc3b7
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@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
* Casset: Convenient asset library for FuelPHP.
* @package Casset
* @version v1.10
* @version v1.11
* @author Antony Male
* @license MIT License
* @copyright 2011 Antony Male
@@ -3,14 +3,26 @@ Changelog
This file lists the important changes between versions. For a list of minor changes, check the log.
- Asset URLs can be obtained, see "Getting asset paths / urls".
- Casset::add_group() has been re-implemented.
- Callbacks now exist: You can use these to process js/css files after they're loaded, but before they're cached. Allows use of SASS, Coffeescript, etc.
- Exception now thrown if someone attempts to define a group that already exists.
- Group options are now specified using array syntax, instead of separate function arguments.
- Option to inline groups moved from Caset::render() to when the group's defined.
- Option to add attributes to a group's tag moved from Casset::render() to when the group's defined.
- Add dependencies between groups. Rendering a group will automatically render its dependencies.
- New functions to allow changing of group options on-the-fly.
Hotfix release.
Fixed #3, reported by krtek4, where render_css had an erroneous second loop, meaning that it would render files when it wasn't supposed to
Hotfix release.
Hotfix release.
Fixes #1, reported by jaysonic, where add_path was (for some reason) private.
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