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Merge branch 'release/1.12'

* release/1.12: (37 commits)
  Update changelog
  Bump version to v1.12
  Fix bug in add_deps().
  Update JSmin and CSSmin libraries to the latest stable versions from their master.
  Put the only call to Cssurirewriter inside load_file
  Rewrite CSS URIs when inlined and not minified
  Remove $attr because is not defined yet.
  Any non-string asset names will be ignored
  Add note about using  with add_group() in 'Extra Attributes'
  Another readme typo
  Fix small readme typo
  Remove typo in readme
  Remove trailing whitespace
  Change a ton of private methods to protected
  Add option prep method so group options are passed through to the add_group method.
  If set_group_option is used with all groups ('*'), then change the default.
  Create the global groups on initialisation, if it doesn't exist.
  set_group_option() will throw an exception if the named group doesn't exist.
  Add new function to tell whether a group exists.
  $<param>_default vars have been removed, in favour of an array of default options
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canton7 committed Feb 4, 2012
2 parents 4340edd + 10cf9b1 commit b71cbe6fa582a3d6461a68a04e3f58040e853bce
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  1. +1 −1 bootstrap.php
  2. +13 −0
  3. +203 −105 classes/casset.php
  4. +182 −188 classes/casset/csscompressor.php
  5. +256 −252 classes/casset/cssurirewriter.php
  6. +282 −250 classes/casset/jsmin.php
  7. +23 −5 config/casset.php
  8. +99 −18
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
* Casset: Convenient asset library for FuelPHP.
* @package Casset
* @version v1.11
* @version v1.12
* @author Antony Male
* @license MIT License
* @copyright 2011 Antony Male
@@ -3,6 +3,19 @@ Changelog
This file lists the important changes between versions. For a list of minor changes, check the log.
- `<link>` and `<script>` tags now respect whether document is HTML5
- New hook: filepath_callback. Allows you to modify the URL, as used by Casset, of js/css files, and images. See the readme.
- New function: group_exists.
- set_group_option changes default group options (for add future groups) when used with '*' as the group name.
- Lots of private methods are now protected.
- CSS URIs are rewritten when the stylesheet is inlined and not minified.
- Update to minification libraries.
- Any non-string assets names are ignored.
- Fix bug with generating stylesheet tags.
- Various documentation additions and fixes.
- Asset URLs can be obtained, see "Getting asset paths / urls".
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