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* release/1.8: (27 commits)
  Update changelog for v1.8
  Bump version to v1.8
  Fix whitespace problems in the readme
  Misc whitespace and formatting changes to the readme
  Document the fact that 'enabled' is now optional
  Allow 'enabled' option in 'groups' config key to be optional (default true)
  Remove garbage from the config file (slipped in a while back
  Add remote files section to the config file
  Add support for remote file paths. The path is specified in 'paths', like so: 'paths => array(    'core' => 'assets/',    'remote' => 'http://localhost/whatever/assets/', )
  Oops. min_default and combine_default not set before the groups are parsed, as they're needed then
  Document combining in the readme
  Add 'combine' option to the config file, and document.
  The combine parameter now changes the functionality of when stuff is combined / minified.
  Learn how to parse the 'combine' option
  Add documentation of new per-group minification strategy to the readme
  Add documentation about 'min' group config key to the config file.
  Add per-group minification settings, and remote $min param from render() and that family.
  Add check for empty group when asked to render by group name. Continue if group not found (necessary for Casset::render('group_name'), when, say, only the js group exists)
  Update the readme to include information on overriding dirs in paths.
  Add documentation about dir overriding to the config file
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2 parents 0dce6be + f3fb9c2 commit d6c352a87ac0090d437101695c441481f7104c1b @canton7 committed Jul 9, 2011
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  3. +148 −95 classes/casset.php
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@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
* Casset: Convenient asset library for FuelPHP.
* @package Casset
- * @version v1.7
+ * @version v1.8
* @author Antony Male
* @license MIT License
* @copyright 2011 Antony Male
@@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
+This file lists the important changes between versions. For a list of minor changes, check the log.
+- CSS files are no longer sorted, instead keeping the order they were added to the group in.
+- Allow overriding of js_dir, css_dir and img_dir on a per-path basis (see the 'paths' config key).
+- `Casset::render()` lost its 'min' parameter. Instead, minification can be controlled on a per-group basis from the config file.
+- 'combine' option added. Read the readme ("Minification and combining") for details on how to use this with the 'min' option. This addition changes the behaviour of 'min' slighlty, but shouldn't break anything.
+- Assets at remote locations are now supported. There are (necessarily) some gotchas, so please read the readme!
+- The 'enabled' option in the 'groups' config key is now optional, and defaults to true.
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