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Syncthing and SyncTrayzor are free software, and you don't need to pay a penny to use them. However, if you find them useful, please consider giving a small amount to one of the causes below.


SyncTrayzor is just the wrapper around Syncthing, which makes it look and behave like a native Windows application. The heavy lifting is being done by Syncthing.

While development is done for free by a fantastic team, running the infrastructure which lets your devices find and talk to each other costs money, as does hosting things like the website and forum. If you make use of these, I kindly ask that you consider sending a small amount towards funding Syncthing's running costs and future development. Donations are handled by the Syncthing Foundation, whose accounts are public.

Donate to Syncthing.

SyncTrayzor Charity Fundraiser

I've put a lot of my free time into writing and maintaining SyncTrayzor. If you use it and appreciate it, I'd be very grateful if you could show your thanks by donating a small amount (the price of a beer) to charity.

I've been running charity fundraisers for many years, and very kind people from all over the world have helped raise thousands for people who really need it, which is absolutely amazing.

Please consider donating to the current appeal.

Buy me a beer

If you want to buy me a coffee (or beer!), you'll absolutely make my day. Thank you!

I'm on Ko-fi or PayPal.