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Track meaningful git activity.
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Keep track of your private and public git activity.

Two different kinds of charts are provided to visualize your git activity: a heat map and a tree map.

To use, you must have a machine ssh key (e.g., a ssh key that is not pass-phrase protected and has read-only access to your repositories).

Currently the backend consists of a Flask app in conjunction with pygit2. Git activity is matched via email address, and in the event you commit under different email addresses, you can add these email addresses to your user account for comprehensive git activity matching.

The easiest way to try this out is to build the Docker image: docker build . The application is exposed on port 80 on the running container.

This is mostly feature complete but not quite where I want it to be: in particular, it is still lacking PR support, date range handling, and a more versatile front-end (currently in ES6 javascript).

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