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“Mortar” is a code name for an Open Web App Bootstrap. This project aims to make it easy and quick to start writing Open Wep Apps.

It’s a combination of HTML5 tricks (HTML/CSS), js libraries, and a little bit of management commands that make it really easy to write and deploy apps.

This should just be a template: you should download this and hack it up to be whatever you like. You can delete or add as much stuff as you want.

View the official site here.


This is a fork from the html5boilerplate project, and many of the HTML5 tricks come from there, so the appropriate authors deserve credit for those.

We don’t need to target older browsers, however, so a bunch of IE 6/7 stuff has been removed and we’ve added things like marketplace libraries, require.js, and volo. Any of those things can be simply ignored though.

Back-end server

This is just a front-end template, but you’ll most likely need to set up a server for your app. I highly recommend the server-configs project from the h5b crew which provides really helpful templates for server configurations. That should help you get set up quickly.

Apache’s .htaccess file is already included here since that’s the most popular.

The End

This is very much alpha and will be fleshed out over time.