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A meta repo with commands and submodules to make gaia hacking a little easier.

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Gaia Rocking...

This repo is a shell you can use to set up a Gaia hacking environment.


git clone --recursive git://
cd ./gaia-rocking
make setup

You can run B2G desktop in two different ways with this setup:

  1. running via make, simple cd to the gaia-rocking directoryr and type make run
  2. via Finder, open the gaia-rocking/bin directory and double click on ''

Current status notes


  • OS X only ( so far, Linux should be easy, Windows likely painful )
  • UPDATE: you may need to run sudo make run on OS X in order to get this to work!


  • download and install in ./bin
  • updating Gaia as a git submodule
  • running B2G desktop from a helper .app using AppleScript.


  • to use a different gaia source directory, simple create a file in the gaia-rocking root directory and add something like:
    • GAIA_SRC?=/path/to/my/gaia


  • adding your own apps as submodules
  • some cool method of pushing custom apps(s) to the gaia profile's appcache (???) Need to see if we can re-use stuff from Gaia's makefile

DISCLAIMER: this is opiniated and badly written software. Pull requests welcome, but if you don't like node or you do run Windaz, might be best to create your own equally opinionated version.

Future possibilities:

  • automate creating an app shell using jrburkes responsive-template or longster's mortar?
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