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A meta repo with commands and submodules to make gaia hacking a little easier.

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Gaia Rocking...

This repo is a shell you can use to set up a Gaia hacking environment.


$ git clone git:// $ cd ./gaia-rocking $ git submodule init $ make setup

You can run B2G desktop in two different ways with this setup:

  1. running via make, simple cd to the gaia-rocking directoryr and type make run

  2. via Finder, open the gaia-rocking/bin directory and double click on ''

Current status notes


  • OS X only ( so far, Linux should be easy, Windows likely painful )


  • download and install in ./bin
  • updating Gaia as a git submodule
  • running B2G desktop from a helper .app using AppleScript.


  • adding your own apps as submodules
  • some cool method of pushing custom apps(s) to the gaia profile's appcache (???) Need to see if we can re-use stuff from Gaia's makefile

** DISCLAIMER **: this is opiniated and badly written software. Pull requests welcome, but if you don;t like node or you do run Windaz, might be best to create your own equally opinionated version.

Future possibilities:

  • automate creating an app shell using jrburkes responsive-template or longster's mason?
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