Fork of the Online Resource Scheduler (ORS) created by Chris Watkins and Jeremy Shaver
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This is a fork of the Online Resource Scheduler.

A lot of the changes I have planned are mostly centered around updating the look-and-feel.

Here is a brief list of things that I'd like to do:

* #1 on the list: update the look-and-feel
* Integrate with DropBox for automated backups
* Potentially integrate with the dhtmlx scheduler.  They have a good mobile implementation of a calendar.
* Whatever I end up doing with the mobile accessibility of the program, I'd like to use for the date picker.
* Change the login flow, so the login box is it's own page, and if the schedule is allowed to be shown without logging in, then the UI changes.
* Utilize the jQuery UI stuff for themes, stylings for user settings, on/off switches, etc.
* Style the announcements
* Potentially have pre-installed themes, potentially around airplanes, boats, other resources.
* Change the wording from "sign-ups" to "schedules" or potentially make this a configurable option. (I know, semantics, right?)