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Builds a microSD card image for use with SMILE-pi
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This set of scripts will prep a microSD card to be used with the SMILE-pi Project.

First create an Raspbian Jessie Lite image on a microSD card.

Place the microsd in the raspberry pi and boot it up.

On a rpi3, login in as root (the image should have a minimal amount of packages on it; no git, no wget, etc. However, curl is included on the image.)

sudo passwd

After that is done, login as pi (the default non root user) and in the home directory run "bash ~/". From there you will have the option to install various applications (smile, kiwix, kalite, the portal page). Be sure to include the file, it is required by all the other application scripts.


Once you create a good image, create a clone of that microSD card using dd on a mac or linux, or Apple Pi Baker on a Mac.

If you want to image multiple cards at a time, you can use a utility called dcfldd. The following example will image a .img file onto 10 microSD cards at once: dcfldd if=2017-06-21-raspbian-jessie-lite.img of=/dev/rdisk3 of=/dev/rdisk4 of=/dev/rdisk5 of=/dev/rdisk6 of=/dev/rdisk7 of=/dev/rdisk8 of=/dev/rdisk9 of=/dev/rdisk10 of=/dev/rdisk11 of=/dev/rdisk12 sizeprobe=if

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