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Online Resume


Project deployment process first start initialization Git repository, edit your resume file, the file deployed in Github Pages, finally can save it as PDF format and print it out.


Yue four each year are mobility, the biggest one of the best time to look for a job.And looking for a job have to need to update your resume, think of oneself also can have such a day, then come together to write a resume.On the Internet to find a lot of writing a resume during the period of resources, for example qdan Includes some generated resumes online website, children's shoes in need can be directly take, don't have to see this article.

How is it possible!I have confidence in writing your own resume template, put this out is to shop keepers.Bibi cost performance, we the price of this template is 0, the denominator is 0 means that the ratio of infinity!Write the template can do is to hope that the same resume page display, also can print it out to me directly for everywhere.(please seriously treat each a resume, don't study the author).This template is standing on the shoulders of giants, reference of the predecessors' experience.Thank you for the following predecessors:

We can take advantage of making Github page hosting service Github Pages display Pages to help us to do.


What is Github Pages?

Github Pages is Github a static page hosting service.It is designed for users can directly managed by making the warehouse individual, organization or project page.reference: Can say is equivalent to a static content can be directly use git management server, there are many people who will use it to host your own personal blog (use Jekyll, Pelican, this kind of static page generation tool) or HTML5 small game in this post.Such a good thing, of course, is also limited.

Github Pages limited:

  • All documents must not exceed 1 GB of storage in the warehouse.
  • The bandwidth of the page limit is lower than 100 GB per month or per month 100000 requests.
  • An hour can only deploy up to 10 static web sites.

For Posting your resume or deploy your blog this kind of demand don't have to worry about that I think is limited, if really ultra not carefully, Github will not take compulsory measures, but will send a mail to remind you should find a more suitable for your managed object of service.


This project needs to prepare knowledge: the basic use of git. If it is a perfect stranger in the git, recommend learning《Git combat tutorial》,only need to know the basic operation.


In the process of the completion of this project, we will learn: deploy your resume on making Pages.

Crowd limited

Request to resume with a suitable for developers, this project can be perfect for you to manage your resume.


Resume pages:

Resume pages

Save the PDF version:

Save the PDF version



Web link:Mark-Online-Resume


This project is mainly to have no contact with dead simple Pages for a demonstration again its basic use, on other topics, such as custom domain name, such as a custom 404 page can be in Customizing GitHub Pages to find the reference. Here also need to repeatedly remind, don't released in your resume, and personal identity sensitive information!Finally, to see the students here a welfare:


Hey, I'm Jack Cao, Java engineer, such as the Apache & Alibaba open source contributor, found in all the year round lot, Github, Gitee, zhihu, jianshu. At present is mainly responsible for group App backend development and maintenance, micro services infrastructure, infrastructure construction, Had the opportunity with Alibaba Health & PICC participate in large-scale project development; and my first studio was founded in 2017, solve all kinds of company 「incurable diseases」, to achieve the demand of 「imagination」.Have been torn between the demand and development of struggle, as in a line of powerhouse, is still in development.






Wechat: iamtianxuan


More details, please scan qrcode:




项目部署流程先从初始化Git库开始,编辑简历文件,将文件部署在Github Pages上,最后可以将其保存为pdf格式并打印出来。








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