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# This makefile is meant to be run on OSX/Linux. Make sure any artifacts
# created here are checked in so people on all platforms can run npm scripts.
# This build should be run once per release.
export PATH := ./node_modules/.bin/:$(PATH):./bin/
PACKAGE = asyncjs
BABEL_NODE = babel-node
UGLIFY = uglifyjs
XYZ = support/ --repo
BUILDDIR = build
BUILD_ES = build-es
DIST = dist
SRC = lib/index.js
SCRIPTS = ./support
JS_SRC = $(shell find lib/ -type f -name '*.js')
LINT_FILES = lib/ mocha_test/ $(shell find perf/ -maxdepth 2 -type f) $(shell find support/ -maxdepth 2 -type f -name "*.js") karma.conf.js
UMD_BUNDLE = $(BUILDDIR)/dist/async.js
UMD_BUNDLE_MIN = $(BUILDDIR)/dist/async.min.js
ES_MODULES = $(patsubst lib/%.js, build-es/%.js, $(JS_SRC))
all: clean lint build test
npm test
rm -rf $(BUILDDIR)
rm -rf $(BUILD_ES)
rm -rf $(DIST)
rm -rf tmp/ docs/ .nyc_output/ coverage/
rm -rf perf/versions/
eslint $(LINT_FILES)
# Compile the ES6 modules to singular bundles, and individual bundles
build-bundle: build-modules $(UMD_BUNDLE) $(CJS_BUNDLE)
$(BABEL_NODE) $(SCRIPTS)/build/modules-cjs.js
$(UMD_BUNDLE): $(JS_SRC) package.json
mkdir -p "$(@D)"
$(BABEL_NODE) $(SCRIPTS)/build/aggregate-bundle.js
$(CJS_BUNDLE): $(JS_SRC) package.json
$(BABEL_NODE) $(SCRIPTS)/build/aggregate-cjs.js
# Create the minified UMD versions and copy them to dist/ for bower
build-dist: $(DIST) $(UMD_BUNDLE) $(UMD_BUNDLE_MIN) $(DIST)/async.js $(DIST)/async.min.js
mkdir -p $@
mkdir -p "$(@D)"
$(UGLIFY) $< --mangle --compress \
--source-map $(DIST)/ \
--source-map-url \
-o $@
$(DIST)/async.js: $(UMD_BUNDLE)
cp $< $@
$(DIST)/async.min.js: $(UMD_BUNDLE_MIN)
cp $< $@
build-es: $(ES_MODULES)
$(BUILD_ES)/%.js: lib/%.js
mkdir -p "$(@D)"
sed -E "s/(import.+)lodash/\1lodash-es/g" $< > $@
mocha support/build.test.js
build-config: $(BUILDDIR)/package.json $(BUILDDIR)/bower.json $(BUILDDIR)/ $(BUILDDIR)/LICENSE $(BUILDDIR)/
build-es-config: $(BUILD_ES)/package.json $(BUILD_ES)/ $(BUILD_ES)/LICENSE $(BUILD_ES)/
$(BUILDDIR)/package.json: package.json
mkdir -p "$(@D)"
support/sync-cjs-package.js > $@
$(BUILDDIR)/%: %
mkdir -p "$(@D)"
cp $< $@
$(BUILD_ES)/package.json: package.json
mkdir -p "$(@D)"
support/sync-es-package.js > $@
$(BUILD_ES)/%: %
mkdir -p "$(@D)"
cp $< $@
.PHONY: build-modules build-bundle build-dist build-es build-config build-es-config test-build
build: clean build-bundle build-dist build-es build-config build-es-config test-build
.PHONY: test lint build all clean
.PHONY: release-major release-minor release-patch release-prerelease
release-major release-minor release-patch release-prerelease: all
npm i # ensure dependencies are up to date (#1158)
git add --force $(DIST)
git commit -am "Update built files"; true
$(XYZ) --increment $(@:release-%=%)
# build again to propagate the version
$(MAKE) build-config
$(MAKE) build-es-config
cd build/ && npm publish
cd build-es/ && npm publish
$(MAKE) publish-doc
.PHONY: doc publish-doc
jsdoc -c ./support/jsdoc/jsdoc.json
node support/jsdoc/jsdoc-fix-html.js
publish-doc: doc
git diff-files --quiet # fail if unstanged changes
git diff-index --quiet HEAD # fail if uncommited changes
npm run-script jsdoc