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Download link for async.min.js broken #233

kohlmannj opened this Issue · 11 comments

Hey, easy problem to fix: the link to the minified version of Async.js is 404 right now:



Are there any plans to fix this, or at least a workaround to get access to the minified file?


Until @caolan gets back to us on what the 'official' minified version is, here's one I created at from the current version ( ): It's 10k instead of 24k


I doubt many people are using the minified version directly, rather depending on their own build tools. Also, I kept forgetting to update it ;) - I recommend we remove it from the README. If it turns out lots of people want to keep it then I'll reinstate it...


Hey guys! I am glad I found this issue, as I've been kind of "on the hunt" for a minified version of Async. Just a few things.

1) Async is awesome. I love it, and I use it literally every day in literally every single project that I touch. It's a masterpiece, and I'm an unapologetic fanboy.

2) Having an official minified version would really help me out, as I am sure it would help many others. I don't feel comfortable minifying lib/async.js on my own because there's no way for me to know afterwards whether the tests are still passing without setting up and running the unit test suite myself. As I am sure it would be relatively simple to keep a minified version up, it seems a "cheap" win with prospective incoming Async users that would make us feel warm and fuzzy inside :)

What are your thoughts? Is there anything I can do to help make this a thing?

@caolan caolan closed this

+1 for this plurse!

Official minified is useful in the following case:

  • I have a small project I want to stuff this minified file into.
  • Don't have git/node/uglify/etc.. installed.
  • I don't want to clone repo/build/minify/copy into repo.

Just a nice-to-have official minified that is presumably tested and used by others.

In the meantime here's a oneliner assuming you have uglifyjs somewhere

wget -q -O - "" | uglifyjs > async.min.js

@pkallos great, works for me, 17.6K


Hi guys,

I am new in using async.js.
can anyone tell me how can we call javascript function asynchronous using this js file.
how can i use this async.js.
Many Thanks!


@g4321 :
If you're using node.js.
you should require async first after installing async by npm.

var async = require('async');

then you can call multiple methods in parallel or series.

    function(){ ... },
    function(){ ... }
], callback);
    function(){ ... },
    function(){ ... }

Thank you very much for responding me.

i installed node.js successfully but i am not getting proper way. how will execute this process step by step using async.js.
could you please provide me some instruction step by step so that i can execute these javascript methods asynchronously.

awaiting your response.


@g4321 This isn't the best forum for your questions. I would recommend looking up some basic Node tutorials.

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