applyEachSeries does not exists #273

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applyEachSeries is documented in but absent in the module (v0.2.6 fresh from npm)

> async = require('async')
{ noConflict: [Function],
  nextTick: [Function: nextTick],
  each: [Function],
  forEach: [Function],
  eachSeries: [Function],
  forEachSeries: [Function],
  eachLimit: [Function],
  forEachLimit: [Function],
  map: [Function],
  mapSeries: [Function],
  mapLimit: [Function],
  reduce: [Function],
  inject: [Function],
  foldl: [Function],
  reduceRight: [Function],
  foldr: [Function],
  filter: [Function],
  filterSeries: [Function],
  select: [Function],
  selectSeries: [Function],
  reject: [Function],
  rejectSeries: [Function],
  detect: [Function],
  detectSeries: [Function],
  some: [Function],
  any: [Function],
  every: [Function],
  all: [Function],
  sortBy: [Function],
  auto: [Function],
  waterfall: [Function],
  parallel: [Function],
  parallelLimit: [Function],
  series: [Function],
  iterator: [Function],
  apply: [Function],
  concat: [Function],
  concatSeries: [Function],
  whilst: [Function],
  doWhilst: [Function],
  until: [Function],
  doUntil: [Function],
  queue: [Function],
  cargo: [Function],
  log: [Function],
  dir: [Function],
  memoize: [Function],
  unmemoize: [Function],
  times: [Function],
  timesSeries: [Function],
  compose: [Function],
  applyEach: [Function] }
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aularon commented Jul 30, 2014

I was also having the same issue, turned out node was loading globally installed async (which is old):

> require.resolve('async')

Fixed by installing latest async for local project:
npm install --save async

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