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fixes setImmediate is undefined error for gecko/webkit browsers #269

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Hi there,

Ran into this problem using in Chrome: the source was defining async.setImmediate as async.nextTick before async.nextTick's definition, causing async.waterfall to fail for me, so I simply swapped the order.

Thanks for the great lib, I appreciate it.


Yep I got same problem :(


I closed my duplicate PR and :+1: this one instead :)


@caolan I would appreciate it if you can merge this fix in. Thanks!


@caolan: it's a bit embarrassing that async has been broken in Chrome, Firefox & Safari for a month. IMO, it's one of the most useful JS libraries in existence, both for node and the browser. Let me know if it would help if I rebased this pull request on the latest master or if I tested the fix on different versions of node and/or browsers.

In case it helps, here's what the mozilla docs say about setImmediate():

setImmediate() is not expected to become standard, and is only implemented by recent builds of Internet Explorer. It meets resistance both from Gecko (Firefox) and Webkit (Google/Apple)


Another :+1:, this is obviously just an assignment ordering error with a very simple fix.

@caolan caolan merged commit 9ac2b2f into caolan:master

Sorry folks, didn't notice this since I seem to have stopped getting emails from GitHub. Thankfully @brianmaissy, thought to email me about it.


thanks @caolan, much appreciated. Hope the GH email issue gets sorted.


Thank you!

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  1. +1 −1  lib/async.js
2  lib/async.js
@@ -79,10 +79,10 @@
async.nextTick = setImmediate;
else {
- async.setImmediate = async.nextTick;
async.nextTick = function (fn) {
setTimeout(fn, 0);
+ async.setImmediate = async.nextTick;
else {
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