Dont overwrite Headers written by response.setHeader #15

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The original module modifies response.writeHead to include the cookie-Header. The Headers which are setted by response.setHeader won't be arguments to writeHead. If another session is setted by setHeader, it will be lost. This patch adds the session cookie to other cookies, which would be setted by setHeader.

lynns commented Jan 9, 2012

+1 When I try and set another cookie in my app that is unrelated to the session cookie, it doesn't make it past the cookie-sessions' writeHead function which makes it impossible for me to use normal cookies in addition to the session cookies provided by cookie-sessions.


are you going to solve this issue?


Just to let you know that I just installed Jens forked project and testing it. If I have any issues I will let you know. It would be nice if you can include his changes to the next release

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