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Use more concrete examples #28

brian-gates opened this Issue · 3 comments

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There's a lot of ambiguity in the examples that slowed me down in understanding what exactly was going on. I think if the examples were fully functional, it would help a lot in quickly learning what this library is capable of.

For example, readFile here is left to the users' imagination. A concrete, working example that I can use out of the box would be more helpful:

var data = _(filenames).map(readFile).parallel(4);

Agreed. One format could be a chart which maps features from the 'async' library to the highland equivalent.

I tried a map().parallel(n) action, but it does nothing. I think the issue is that I don't have anywhere I want to pipe() the data to. The transformation step in map() is all I need.


@markstos sounds like that map() is really an each() - using each() causes a 'thunk' so it'll pull the data through like piping


:+1: Please make all the examples small but complete programs that you could save as a file run pass to node and have it work. Many of them are really really biased towards "the reader fully understands everything EXCEPT what this specific function does". data.pipe(output); is really frustrating.

@LewisJEllis LewisJEllis referenced this issue

cookbook? #188

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