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Add documentation on how to setup local repository #110

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The feature to use local repo is great!
But there are no docs how to set it up.


@arikon I just published this yesterday:

Its a very easy to install local jam repo. Hope that helps you get started!

But yes, I agree that documenting all the ways to setup a local repo should be added to the docs section of the main website.


@clexit your guide was most helpful.

The one thing that you didn't cover and which I didn't manage to do on my own was to make the frontend from

work on my server


It's easy, I've just quickly scribbled one with Twitter Bootstrap. I can share it if anyone needs it.

You can work with jamjs through a simple server-side proxy.


@akoptsov You can use php proxy like

$data = json_encode( array() );
if ( isset( $_GET[ 'url' ] ) )
    $url = urldecode( trim( $_GET['url'] ) );
    $data = file_get_contents( $url );
print $data;

to get AJAX work with cross-domain requiests and then get data from local repository (probably the same domain) and from (cross-domain) through proxy, and show all resuts on one page.

Is it what you want?

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