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First of all, sorry if my question is a bit silly. I'm pretty new in jamjs ...
I have in my package.json this config for jam

   "jam": {
        "packageDir": "app/public/js/vendor",
        "baseUrl": "app/public",
        "dependencies": {
          "backbone": null,
          "cs": null
        "config": {
          "path": {
            "templates": "app/public/js/templates.combined"

when I try to load from a simple page the "templates" reference, the browser is not able to map "templates" with "app/public/js/templates.combined"

   <!doctype html>

      hello world
      <script src="js/vendor/require.js"></script>
        require(['../js/models/contact', "templates"], function(Contact, templates) {
          var c = new Contact({ name: 'michael' });

My question - How should i use the config to reference my internal template.

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I have try to use the "include" option but i still have the issue.


I'm having the exact same issue, any updates on this?

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