Still pulling for dependencies separately when compiled - Underscore not loaded for context? #146

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A am relatively new to JamJS, and struggle to make it work properly. I've got a very simple project based on Backbone and RequireJS, where I use JamJS to manage dependencies, namely: Backbone, _, Less, $, modernizr, underscore, bootstrap.

I tend to follow the method used by Backbone Boilerplate.

This is the code I use to get the Jam-compiled requireJS config file, together with my application-specific require config:

in html:

< script data-main="/assets/js/app/config" src="/assets/js/jam/compiled.min.js"> < /script>

'Compiled.min.js' is obviously the 600kb minified file generated by Jam. The '/app/config' file is my Require.js configuration file where I'm planning to include all my project-specific code, not managed by the dependency manager.

Here's app/config.js:

deps: ['less','modernizer','bootstrap-jam','app/main'],
paths: {
'homeView': 'app/views/homeView'
// Use the underscore build of Lo-Dash to minimize incompatibilities.
,'lodash': '../jam/lodash/dist/lodash.underscore.min'
map: {
shim: {
(the files in deps are the ones I need on every page + my main.js - kind of a router.

The problem is that, in my homeView (which is initialized by main.js), I do this sort of thing:

define(['backbone'], function (Backbone) {
return Backbone.View.extend({
initialize: function () {
this.$('#subTitle').text('This text is generated by homeView - the default Backbone View.');
As you can see I want Backbone to be available in this view. I assume that it's available through the compiled Jam code, however when I look in the Network panel in the Web Inspector, I see that this dependency is pulled in separately- this happens to any resource I try to use, not just Backbone.

I suspect that it might be something to do with the error I get as well, which I haven't been able to figure out. When using the compiled jam config, I get:

Uncaught Error: Module name "underscore" has not been loaded yet for context: _. Use require([])

I'd really appreciate help with this



I'm also getting the error Uncaught Error: Module name "underscore" has not been loaded yet for context: _. Use require([]) after compiling. I'm not even using underscore. I'm just trying to get started here and have only the two defined modules.

define(['backbone', 'app/models/SlideModel'], function(Backbone, Slide) {
    var App = {Models: {}};
    App.Models.Slide = Slide;
    return App;


define(['backbone', 'jquery'], function(Backbone, $) {
    var Slide = Backbone.Model.extend({});
    return Slide;

called from main.js

require(['app/app'], function(App) {
    var app = App;

and loaded in index like this

<script src="http://localhost:8000/vendor/require.js"></script>
    <script src="http://localhost:8000/app/main.js"></script>

It works uncompiled.

I noticed in the compiled require.js it is using _. in one of the functions but I don't see this in the uncompiled version. Could this have something to do with it?


Apparently you need to configure require.js optimizer properly... I've given up for the lack of time, so can't help you further..
good luck


Hey,you need to configure the require.config.js in the packageDir where the js package live.then in the config.js file add the path/to/require.config.js the the deps array..

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